Christel Wermuth

Christel Wermuth

*1951 in Ibbenbüren/Germany

Artistic formation as part of a teacher formation at the pedagogic universities of

Bielefeld and Aachen

with focus on visual arts (1970-73, Prof. Joachim Bandau and others)

Numerous training courses, e.g. summer academy (“Pentiment”) at the Hamburg KH

1998 (Rik van Iersel course)

since 1998

Continuous solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad


Member at dreieck.triangle.driehoek

(an association of female artists from the Euregio region: Germany/Netherlands/



Studio in Artist’s Studio House Aachen (“Atelierhaus Aachen”)


Member at the Association of Visual Artists Aachen/Euregio (BBK Aachen/Euregio)

(part of the Federal Associaction of Visual Artists Germany (BBK)

since 2010

Studio in the Center of Arts, Culture and Economy Herzogenrath (KKWZ)

Artistic focus on experimental and free modern painting.